Student Resources for College (Italy)

Why not consider NABA the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano, one of the most progressive academies of art and design in Italy? In Milan, as in the whole of Italy, creativity and artistic expression are, and have been for centuries, a fundamental part of the culture.

The primacy Italy places on artistic and creative expression is evident all around—you can see it in the ancient ruins, the classical architecture, the timeless paintings and sculptures, the exciting fashions of the day and in the most innovative design being conceived and produced anywhere in the world. By studying in Milan, students have access to the trend-setting work of leading Milanese artists and designers, world-famous design shows, exhibitions and fashion weeks.

NABA is the first and the largest private academy recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education. Today, more than 1,800 students come from all over Italy and almost 50 countries to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in visual arts, product design, fashion, graphic, media and theater design. The 10-building campus in a newly renovated industrial complex has significant architectural value and is situated in one of Milan’s most exciting and stimulating areas. A superb IT infrastructure and state-of-the-art equipment and labs provide students with every resource for unlimited experimentation and self-expression.

NABA diplomas are equivalent to first- and second-level university degrees and comply with the Bologna Agreement what means that students can continue their studies in universities and academies in Italy and abroad.

NABA international students must take the NABA admissions examination, either online or at the NABA campus (between February and May for non-EU students and February through September for EU students).

NABA requires international BA applicants to take an intensive three week Italian language training course. This mandatory course is held in September and is offered free of charge.

Tuition fees for degree courses in English are 15,000 Euros per year. Tuition fees for degrees in Italian range from 7,000 to 10,300 Euros. More information is available on the School’s website.

For more details visit Naba’s website or contact Mrs. Debans, University Counselor, Continental Europe, at

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