EVENT: Leipzig: Finissage & Isolde-Hamm-Preises Award, 2018

GODOK, Leipzig, Proudly Present the 2018 Isolde-Hamm-Award

TIME & DATE: 28. August 2018, 19:30 Uhr, Literatur Café, Leipzig, Germany


Isolde Hamm Prize recognizes extraordinary artistic achievements and committed work for the network of female artists in the GEDOK Group Leipzig.

The Founder:  Isolde Hamm  (March 4, 1939 – April 26, 2006) 

The graphic designer and painter Isolde Hamm was born in 1939 in Leipzig.

Until her death in 2006, Leipzig remained her center of life and the place of her artistic activity.

In 1991/92 she was part of the group of founders of the GEDOK group Leipzig / Saxony eV As project manager, designer and managing director, she made a lasting impact on the life of the club in the 90s.

With her estate she wants to contribute to further promoting the artistic creation and creative work of women in the GEDOK. To this end, she left the GEDOK as an heir with the disposition to found a foundation.


OPENING: Chair to the Board of Trustees, Brigitte Blattmann will open with a welcome message and talk on behalf of the ISOLDE-HAMM trust. 

AWARD PRESENTATION: 11. ISOLDE-HAMM Award will be Presented to the writer and this year’s winner, Róža Domašcyna. 

AWARD CEREMONY:  will follow featuring, Eva Lehmann-Lilienthal & Rita Jorek founders of the organization. 

POETRY READING: by Eva Lehmann-Lilienthal, from the book titled”Habitat.”

PERFORMANCE by Artist and Musician, Brunhild Fischer: IMPACT, IMPACT – (Reference Book): The Sound of Paper–?

BOOK AUCTION: Petra Herrmann

ART EXHIBITION: “Mountain Impressions” by Sylvia Gerlach, Lyrik, Maria Hoffmann

2 thoughts on “EVENT: Leipzig: Finissage & Isolde-Hamm-Preises Award, 2018

    1. Jeanette Lamb says:

      GEDOK is such a GREAT group! A wide-spectrum of knockout talent by various women. No work from my end this time. There is an event in the works commemorating Rosa Luxembourg in 2019 (LUX19) I am endeavoring to cast myself headlong into. Wish me luck!

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