Small Concerts with Big Talent: GEDOK Leipzig 

Small Concerts with Big Talent: GEDOK Leipzig, Brunhild Fischer

SCHATTENKLANG  Traumgespinste

Celebrating the first days of summer in Leipzig, Germany is easy, every corner one turns there is a small concert with big talent. None so big as what was put on display at the Leipzig, Alte Handelsbörse on a late June evening just a few weeks ago.

In partnership with the Hannover chapter, Leipzig GEDOK lit the night on fire; this is what happens when a thriving group of artists are flung into a room. After a single rehearsal, the individually seasoned woman churned out a variety of shattering performances.

Historically, Leipzig has been a magnet for great talent. Bach, Schiller, Handle, Mendelson and Wager all made their mark here — none so much as Bach. It was from Leipzig, he spent most of his life composing and performing at the local Saint Thomas Church. The magic, passion, creation continue their cultivation, echoing through various events.

GEDOK put on several throughout the year; each made from a collection of women from member groups (GEDOK chapters are scattered throughout German cities). To find out more, follow them on facebook or drop them a message asking to be added to their mailing list.


Leipzig,  Alte Handelsbörse

Am Naschmarkt 2

7. GEDOK-Konzert

SCHATTENKLANG  Traumgespinste 

Nicola Köweker  l  Sopran

Ursula Daues    l  Alt

Sabine Bleier  l   Flöte

Brunhild Fischer  l  Flöte

mit Werken von

Cécile Chaminade, Felicitas Kuckuck,

Ursula Daues, Violeta Dinescu, Helga Weigert

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