Harmony & Error

Jeanette Lamb, Art, Leipzig

If in Leipzig check out  the opening exhibition HARMONY & ERROR! The Vernissage is the 5th of May, 2018, at 17.00 clock. It includes a traditional panel discussion, nice people,  live music and a small snack and drinks

The name of the exhibition promises contrasts, both in artistic technique and in content.

Taiwanese artist Elis Lin plays with youthful serenity with emotions, colors and content that springs from Chinese tradition and reflects the unity of mind, time and vision.

On the other side are the works of the experienced artist and man Torsten Russ, who knows how to provoke, shake up and question. The paintings and works in different techniques contrast with that of Elis Lin.
An exciting exhibition! ………….

Address: Gallery Art Salon, Villa Najork, Leipzig
Jeanette Lamb, Art, Leipzig

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