Artful Excuses You Need to be in Europe

Artful Excuses, You Need to be in Europe, Graffiti Goose

Artful Excuses, You Need to be in Europe, graffiti goose


Artful Excuses, You Need to be in Europe–as if you needed one. We know you are DYING to know what is happening on the European art scene. Top off your flask and mark your calendar, buy your ticket, pack your crayons, tell your parents not to rent out your room while you’re gone.  What’s hot & what’s not is yours for the taking at ART COLOGNE 2018.

The knockout exhibition is comprised of a number of galleries that collectively represent over 31 different countries.  Contemporary, Modern & Post Modern & creations that have just been given birth will be there for taking.

52 ANNUAL ART COLOGNE 19.04. – 22.04.2018


Particularly worthy of mention in the contemporary section are international heavyweights–David Zwirner, Gagosian, Hauser + Wirth, Lisson, Thaddaeus Ropac, White Cube, Kamel Mennour, Pearl Lam, nächst St. Stephan and Gio Marconi as well

+49 221 821-3544


as leading galleries of Germany such as Sprüth Magers, Michael Werner, Gisela Capitain, Karsten Greve, Daniel Buchholz, Max Hetzler, Konrad Fischer, Eigen + Art,

Koelnmesse GmbH Nagel Draxler, Neu as well as König Gallery. New galleries participating for the first time or returning include Lisson Gallery from London / New York, Kamel Mennour from Paris/London, Gio Marconi from Milan, Buchmann from Berlin/Lugano, Clearing


Messeplatz 1 50679 Köln P.O. Box 21 07 60 50532 Köln from Brussels/New York, Jerome Poggi from Paris, Berg Contemporary from

Germany Reykjavík, Erika Deak from Budapest, Nanzuka from Tokyo and Zilberman from

Tel. +49 221 821-0 Istanbul/Berlin.

Fax +49 221 821-2574

International participants in the Modern and Post-War sector round out this program

Executive Board: and create a bridge to an international perspective, from important galleries such as

Gerald Böse (President and Chief Lahumière and Le Minotaure from Paris to Whitestone and Taguchi from Tokyo as well as Lorenzelli and Kanalidarte from Italy. Galleries participating for the first time or returning after an absence include: Lelong from Zurich/Paris/New York,

Executive Officer) Katharina C. Hamma Herbert Marner

Julian Sander from Cologne, Kanalidarte from Bescia, Ernst Hilger from Vienna and

Chairwoman of the Supervisory Setareh from Dusseldorf.

Board: Mayor of the City of Cologne

COLLABORATIONS will present 22 selected curated projects presented by 36

Henriette Reker

galleries, showing every aspect of collaborative practice. Highlights include a

Headquarters and place of presentation of works by Olga Balema and Juliette Blightman presented by Isabella

jurisdiction: Bortolozzi and Fons Welters, a solo presentation of Isa Melsheimer presented by the nächst St. Stephan as well as Esther Schipper and Jocelyn Wolff, or a presentation of

Cologne District Court Cologne, HRB 952

Haegue Yang presented by Galerie Barbara Wien & Wien Verlag, who is this year’s Wolfgang Hahn Prize recipient and whose mid-career retrospective will be on view at the Museum Ludwig during ART COLOGNE.

With NEUMARKT, ART COLOGNE presents a critical insight into the practices and interests of the newest generation of galleries. This year, there are ten galleries participating for the first time in NEUMARKT, including the first gallery from Riga Alma, three galleries from Paris such as 22,48 m2, Crèvecoeur and Maubert, Union Pacific from London, Kiche from Seoul, Polansky from Prague and Eastward Prospectus from Bucharest. New from Germany are Sperling from Munich and Xavierlaboulbenne from Berlin.

The complete exhibitor list of ART COLOGNE 2018 as an overview:

Hall 11.2 Contemporary Art

# 1335 Mabini (Manila)

A A+B (Brescia), Achenbach Hagemeier (Dusseldorf), Akinci (Amsterdam), Mikael Andersen (Copenhagen), Arcadia Missa (London), Artelier Contemporary (Graz), Piero Atchugarry (Pueblo Garzón)

B Guido W. Baudach (Berlin), Berg Contemporary (Reykjavík), Bo Bjerggaard (Copenhagen), Blain | Southern (Berlin), Bolte Lang (Zurich), Isabella Bortolozzi (Berlin), Jean Brolly (Paris) Ben Brown (Hong Kong/London), Daniel Buchholz (Cologne, Berlin), Buchmann Galerie (Berlin)

C Gisela Capitain (Cologne), Andrea Caratsch (St. Moritz), Charim (Vienna), Clearing (New York), Conrads (Dusseldorf), Cosar HMT (Dusseldorf)

D Erika Deák (Budapest), Delmes & Zander (Cologne), Deweer (Otegem), Dittrich & Schlechtriem (Berlin)

E Heinrich Ehrhardt (Madrid), Eigen + Art (Berlin, Leipzig), Thomas Erben (New York)

F Fiebach, Minninger (Cologne), Filiale (Frankfurt), Konrad Fischer (Dusseldorf)

G Gagosian (New York, London, Paris, Rome, Beverly Hills, Hong Kong), Gallery On the Move (Tirana), Gillmeier Rech (Berlin), Laurent Godin (Paris), Bärbel Grässlin (Frankfurt), Karsten Greve (Cologne, Paris, St. Moritz), Barbara Gross (Munich), Karin Guenther (Hamburg)

H Haas (Zurich), Hammelehle und Ahrens (Cologne), Reinhard Hauff (Stuttgart), Hauser & Wirth (Zurich, London, New York, Los Angeles), Häusler Contemporary

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(Zurich), Jochen Hempel (Leipzig), Max Hetzler (Berlin)

J Jahn und Jahn (Munich), Michael Janssen (Berlin)

K Kadel Willborn (Dusseldorf), Mike Karstens (Münster), Kimmerich (Berlin), Kleindienst (Leipzig), Klemm’s (Berlin), Helga Maria Klosterfelde (Berlin), Klüser (Munich), Sabine Knust (Munich), Christine König (Vienna), König (Berlin), Eleni Koroneou (Athens), Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler (Berlin), Krobath (Vienna), Bernd Kugler (Innsbruck)

L Lange + Pult (Zurich), Le Guern (Warsaw), Gebr. Lehmann (Dresden), Christian Lethert (Cologne), Lisson Gallery (London, New York), Löhrl (Mönchengladbach), Lullin + Ferrari (Zurich), Lumen Travo (Amsterdam)

M Gio Marconi (Milan), Martinetz (Cologne), Daniel Marzona (Berlin), Hans Mayer (Dusseldorf), Max Mayer (Dusseldorf), Mirko Mayer (Cologne), Galleria Mazzoli (Modena), Mario Mazzoli (Berlin), Kamel Mennour (Paris), Vera Munro (Hamburg)

N nächst St. Stephan (Vienna), Nagel Draxler (Cologne, Berlin), Nanzuka (Tokyo), Neon Parc (Melbourne), Neu (Berlin), Carolina Nitsch (New York), Nosbaum & Reding (Luxemburg)

P Paragon (London), Pearl Lam (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore), Priska Pasquer (Cologne), Giorgio Persano (Turin), Rupert Pfab (Dusseldorf), Jérôme Poggi (Paris), Berthold Pott (Cologne), Produzentengalerie (Hamburg), Project Native Informant (London

R Thomas Rehbein (Cologne), Petra Rinck (Dusseldorf), Thaddaeus Ropac (Salzburg, Paris), Philipp von Rosen (Cologne), Nicolaus Ruzicska (Salzburg)

S Deborah Schamoni (Munich), Brigitte Schenk (Cologne), Esther Schipper (Berlin), Anke Schmidt (Cologne), Schönewald (Dusseldorf), Rüdiger Schöttle (Munich), Sies + Höke (Dusseldorf), Slewe (Amsterdam), Filomena Soares (Lisbon), Sommer Contemporary (Tel Aviv), Sprüth Magers (Berlin, London, Los Angeles), Edition Staeck (Heidelberg), Paul Stolper (London), Walter Storms (Munich), Jacky Strenz (Frankfurt)

T Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman (Innsbruck), Wilma Tolksdorf (Frankfurt)


Page 3/6

Van Horn (Düsseldorf), Vartai (Vilnius)

W Weiss Falk (Basel), Fons Welters (Amsterdam), Wentrup (Berlin), Michael Werner (Cologne, London, New York), White Cube (London, Hong Kong), Barbara Wien (Berlin), Jocelyn Wolff (Paris)

Z Zahorian + van Espen (Prague), Zilberman (Istanbul), Martin van Zomeren (Amsterdam), David Zwirner (New York, London).

Hall 11.1 Modern & Postwar Art

B Beck & Eggeling (Dusseldorf), Klaus Benden (Cologne), Boisserée (Cologne)

D Derda (Berlin), Dierking (Zurich), Döbele (Mannheim)

F Johannes Faber (Vienna), Fischer Kunsthandel & Edition (Berlin), Klaus Gerrit Friese (Berlin)

H Hagemeier (Frankfurt), Henze & Ketterer (Wichtrach / Bern), Ernst Hilger (Vienna), Hoffmann (Friedberg), Heinz Holtmann (Cologne)

K Kanalidarte (Brescia), Koch (Hanover), Konzett (Vienna)

L Lahumière (Paris), Le Minotaure (Paris), Lelong (Paris) Levy (Hamburg), Lorenzelli Arte (Milan), Ludorff (Dusseldorf)

M Maulberger (Munich), Moderne (Silkeborg)

N Georg Nothelfer (Berlin)

R Margarete Roeder (New York), Thole Rotermund (Hamburg), Ruberl (Vienna)

S Thomas Salis (Salzburg), Samuelis Baumgarte (Bielefeld), Julian Sander (Cologne), Aurel Scheibler (Berlin), Schlichtenmaier (Grafenau), Michael Schultz (Berlin), Schwarzer (Dusseldorf), Setareh (Dusseldorf), Simoens (Knokke), Florian Sundheimer (Munich)

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T Hollis Taggart (New York), Taguchi Fine Art (Tokyo), Tanit (Munich), Thomas (Munich)

U Utermann (Dortmund)

V Valentien (Stuttgart), von Vertes (Zurich)

W Whitestone (Tokyo, Hong Kong).

Hall 11.3 NEUMARKT

# 22,48 m2 (Paris)

A Alma (Riga)

C Clages (Cologne), Gisela Clement (Bonn), Conradi (Hamburg), Crèvecoeur (Paris)

D Drei (Cologne)

E Eastwards Prospectus (Bucharest)

F Future (Berlin)

H Natalia Hug (Cologne)

K Jan Kaps (Cologne), Kiche (Seoul)

L Alexander Levy (Berlin)

M Kai Matsumiya (New York), Maubert (Paris), MIER (Los Angeles)

P Piktogram (Warsaw), Polansky Gallery (Prague), PPC Philipp Pflug Contemporary (Frankfurt)

Page 5/6

R Ruttkowski;68 (Cologne)

S Soy Capitán (Berlin), Sperling (Munich), Supplement (London), Supportico Lopez (Berlin)

T Bene Taschen (Cologne), Rob Tufnell (London, Cologne)

U Union Pacific (London)

X Xavierlaboulbenne (Berlin)

Note for editorial offices: ART COLOGNE photos are available in our image database on the Internet at www. in the “Press” section. Press information is available at: www.

If you reprint this document, please send us a sample copy.

ART COLOGNE on Facebook:

Your contact: Penny Krause Communikations Manager

Koelnmesse GmbH Messeplatz 1 50679 Köln Telefon: +49 221 821 2076 Telefax: +49 221 821 3544 E-Mail:

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