Gilded America

Gilded America, The Breakers, Vanderbilt Mansion, Rhone Island, Graffiti Goose

The Emergence of The American Dream

Gilded America–The Breakers, is a Vanderbilt Mansion, located in one of Rhone Island’s historic neighbourhoods where nothing is dirty and there’s not a mouse in the house. Well, certainly not in this house.

The Breakers, Vanderbilt Mansion had been adorned as a historic landmark and for good reason. Beyond lavish gardens, impressive size, and bedazzling decor, the site gives visitors a glimpse of America’s Gilded Age.

Ashes to Ashes: The aftermath of the Civil War

The Gilded Age span was – more or less – between 1870 and 1900, measuring three decades of rapid economic expansion. The greater portion can be attributed to the circumstances that cultivated that period. The Industrial Revolution endowed factory workers to prosper not only as a result of creating jobs but allowing for wage increases.

The Civil War’s end gave the government an opportunity to focus with fervour on western expansion. The threat to the bifurcation of the republic came to an end and left in its wake solving the problem of unification.

Threading the expansive landscape together with rail lines that reached as far west, north, south as possible was a good start.

Reading Railroad.

As a railroad and shipping family, the Vanderbilt fortune prospered immensely and left in their wake a number of mansions noted for their architectural integrity and aesthetic appeal.

For a country without a historic monarch to shape its identity, the Vanderbilt’s mansions fill that gap and gesture to the American dream.



Gilded America, The Breakers, Vanderbilt Mansion, Rhone Island, Graffiti Goose

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